5 Tips for a Budget-friendly Honeymoon - post

A Honeymoon is the most romantic time in a married couple’s life—but with costs of travel creeping upward, your dream couple’s vacation can seem impossible! So we talked to experienced travelers and honeymooners to compile a list of great tips so you can still have a romantic—yet budget-friendly—trip.

1. It really doesn’t matter where you want to travel, as long as you go during “shoulder season.” Avoid flying to popular destinations (such as the Caribbean) in December, January and February, when hotel rates and airfares are at their peak. Instead, go right after peak season, likely in April or May—right before it starts to rain. Time in perfectly so that the rates are lower than usual, and the weather is still nice. It helps to research or even call ahead to the hotel you want to stay in and ask when the weather is nicest.

2. Points and miles! Does your credit card give you travel rewards? Strategize with your spouse and try to take advantage of any rewards you might have, and trade them in for a five-star hotel or business-class airfare. This is the perfect time to cash them in! Talk to your bank and make sure you get the best deal.

3. Spread out your vacation! If you can’t take a long break from work, who not take a long weekend off this month, and another next month. Have a few‘mini-moons’. You don’t have to spend much or go far from home. Go to Palawan, or Batanes! And because you have less time, be sure to maximize every minute.

6. You can even postpone your honeymoon for a more convenient time. No harm in that! You’ve just spent so much on your wedding, so there’s no pressure for you to make that jump into another money-draining commitment. Just save up and take a bigger trip in a year or two. That way you can have the amazing trip you always wanted.

7. Use a travel agent. It may seem like an unnecessary budget spend but you can be sure that travel agents have lots of inside tips! They can arrange everything with the hotels to make sure that your plans will go smoothly—and take some of the pressure off during an already busy time.