Hotel Quality Pocket Spring

At the end of the day what do you look forward to? A good night’s sleep. A relaxing time unwinding with your spouse. Or maybe cuddling in bed and binge watching your favorite TV show? For all that you need one thing: a great bed. A truly comfortable bed is something to look forward to, and something worth investing in. Once you feel the comfort and support from a quality mattress, you’ll never turn back. It’s a commitment worth making!

For a couple, there is no better bed than Mandaue Foam’s Hotel Quality Pocket Spring Bed. The pocket springs are pre-compressed, with individually encased coils. The result is a sinfully comfortable mattress that you can’t wait to jump into after a long day.

A Cozy Bed Perfect for Couples

What makes it perfect for couples?

The individual encasement of springs means that each adjusts independently from each other. You get more support in your sleep, and wake up feeling more refreshed. Also, if you get up in the middle of the night, you leave your partner undisturbed!

Getting up to use the bathroom, or grab a midnight snack? Leave your partner sleeping soundly. Maybe you’re a fitful sleeper, always moving in bed and waking up your partner. No more! This is the perfect solution. Not only will it leave you sleeping like babies, but it will prevent any small fights between sleeping couples.

If you’re having trouble deciding, go over to a Mandaue Foam showroom and try out the bed for yourself! We have a variety of options for every kind of sleeper. If you want a harder variety or a different material, take your pick.

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