Awful Pet Problems (and how to handle them)!

Dirty Cage

Wipe down your pet cage daily with a damp paper towel Moisture holds on to the droppings so they don’t turn into dust that can be inhaled. But be sure to dry it thoroughly afterward, otherwise there is a danger of it growing mold. At least once a week, do a deep clean—soap and water and a rough brush to get all the dirt off. Dry completely with a paper towel, or let sit in the sun for an hour.

Gross Pet Bed

Wash the bed the same day your dog gets his monthly grooming, so the dog doesn’t contaminate his clean sleeping spot. Vacuum first to remove as much fur as possible. Then toss the bed into the washing machine!

Stinky Litter Box

Litter upkeep is crucial! Small traces of pet waste can carry harmful viruses, bacteria, and parasites. (And it smells too) At least once a day, scoop out any clumps. Do a full cleaning at least every two weeks: Scrub thoroughly with hot, soapy water using a nylon-bristle brush.

Yucky Toys

Clean the toys monthly! If they’re cloth or machine-washable then just toss them in a pillowcase and toss them into the washer. A monthly cleaning will reduce dirt and bacteria buildup on toys. Chew toys can be cleaned with dishwashing liquid. Make sure to rinse thoroughly before giving to your dog to play with again!

Furniture and Rugs

Mud is the biggest problem. Tracked-in mud is easier to remove if you let it dry first, then brush off or vacuum up as much as you can. Urine stains on rigs are the worst! To get rid of a fresh stain, lay paper towels over the spot, then stand on top of it to soak up the liquid. Then just use a mixture of dishwashing liquid and water to blot out the stain. You might have to do this repeatedly.