Elaine Jane Nuñez - Dining

Our designer of the month creates a dining space that inspires the imagination as well as the appetite.

Elaine Jane Nuñez - Dining Table

Dining set
This is a gorgeous green dining set, it makes the dining room very fresh-looking which is good for ambiance. It’s also cushioned so it’s very comfortable, which makes it a great place for family get-togethers and parties. I think you can really enjoy yourself, and enjoy the food more, if you are in a comfortable environment.

Elaine Jane Nuñez - Buffet Cabinet

Buffet table
This is a lovely buffet table, which is a useful storage space as well as a decorative element for the room. It’s really important for a dining area since you need a place to keep your dishes, dinnerware and other things. And you can put display items on top, adding to the aesthetics of the room.

Elaine Jane Nuñez - Mirror

This mirror is essential for the room because most of the items I used are matte, so there’s nothing that really glows. You should use different material and textures so that the room doesn’t feel too dull. It gets a bit monotonous sometimes. So this mirror really brightens up the space since it reflects the light, and also adds an element of luxury.