Towels. Jeans. Dog. Here’s a quick guide to how often you should wash everything in your life.

Sheets: Once a Week

Dust mites and allergens. Your sheets are just a magnet for the dirt in your room, your skin cells, and everything in between. Experts recommend washing sheets about every seven days to make sure that you’re in the clear. Use hot water and a hot dryer cycle to stop germs in their tracks.

Pillows (without the pillowcases): Four Times a Year

Pillow cases should be washed as often as your sheets. But the pillows themselves should be washed and cleaned as well. Pillow cleaning is just as important as sheet washing becauseafter several months, dust and mites can invade inside the pillows and trigger many allergies.If you’re sneezing and sniffling every morning, it’s probably time to give those pillows a good wash.

Mattress: Twice a Year

Wash twice a year, you can do it yourself or professionally. Just vacuum the top of the mattress using an upholstery attachment and treat stains with shampoo and a damp towel. You can also use a quality mattress pad and easily wash that.

Towels: Every Four Uses

Mildew. Gross! When your towel gets that smell, you’ve got to throw it in the laundry.Make sure you use hot water and good detergent which essential to killing the microorganisms which grow on damp towels.

Computers and Phones: Daily

When you’re in the bathroom, do you bring your phone with you? Experts say that your everyday electronics harbor ten times more bacteria than your average toilet. That means your phone is the dirtiest thing in your life, and you basically never let it go. So make sure to wipe those down on a daily (if not hourly) basis!

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Dog: Once a Month

There’s a danger of overwashing your dog, his body doesn’t really need the constant washing and he might react badly to it. Experts recommend just bathing him with pet or baby shampoo once a month—and that’s enough!

Bras: Every Three to Four Wears

To keep the shape of the bra, wash every three to four wears. Unless you sweat excessively! They toss them in the laundry right after you wear them.

Oven: Twice a Year

Get rid of all the buildup inside regularly. But give all removable parts a good wash in hot water and dish soap at least twice a year. Then spray the inside with cleaner, let sit overnight and wipe down the following day.

Carpets and Rugs: Once a Year

Vacuuming your rugs and carpets, you should do once a week to keep dust, dirt and hair at bay. But a deep clean should be done once a year. Send it off to a pro f or steam it yourself.