Stay energized throughout the day - post

It feels like we had better stamina in the old days, when a stretch was a week. Now most of us struggle just to get through the day. Maybe it’s us getting older, but maybe it’s also because we’ve found many ways to tire ourselves (hello Netflix?). In any case, here are some things to consider doing regularly to boost your regularly flagging energy:

Start right. If we think of it as preparing for an everyday race, you’d want to be fit before the race starts; otherwise, you’ve lost even before you start running.

Quality sleep is important. Sometimes we can sleep for hours but still feel exhausted. Most people recommend cutting the screen time an hour before, and alcohol 2 hours before bed. Try not to snack heavily during this time. If you have a hard time sleeping, try some herbal sleep supplements, or chamomile tea. Before you turn in, keep your window blinds open (during weekdays), because it makes waking up in the morning easier.

Eat breakfast. If your stomach takes a while to get hungry and you don’t have that much time (because you always want more sleep), just go for scrambled eggs and maybe a piece of toast (whole wheat is better).

Stick to a cup of coffee. It’s actually best if you can take it black (which I’m now learning to). Sugar really doesn’t help with maintaining energy level; it only gives short bursts of energy, followed by long crashes.

Have healthy snacks in between. Sometimes when we’re feeling brain dead, it could be the hunger talking. Nuts are good, and so are fruits. Nothing sugary, like a donut or cake, or greasy, like pizza or burger. Notice how you easily feel sluggish after having a particularly heavy and greasy meal. It’s all the fat that induces food coma.

Go outside, and soak in some sun. We’re really not meant to be cooped up indoors for too long. If your office has a balcony, just step out for a few minutes. If not, you can get out of your office and buy a drink/snack during your break, and get that dose of Vitamin D while you’re at it.

Drink plenty of water. This should go without saying, but personally I always forget to drink until I’m actually thirsty (a bad sign). A tip would be to drink at least a full glass (a proper size) before or after every meal. If it’s before, it helps control your eating, and if after, it’s the better option (compared to soda or juice). Some also suggest developing mental triggers for it, like drinking every time you take a break, or go to the restroom, or feel hungry. Water is life.

Attaining wellness mainly has to do with being more disciplined and less indulgent. While it may be easier to indulge, we should remind ourselves of the long term, and how a temporary restraint on our part can prove to be more rewarding in the long run.