In our lifetime we will probably have slept on an infinite number of mattresses; some big, some small, some a bit hard, others too soft, some sagging in the middle and some just about right.

Before purchasing a mattress, ask your self the following questions:

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What type of lumbar support do you need?

Some people need a firm mattress in order to sleep well without hurting one’s back. Chiropractic mattresses are built for this particular purpose. Even firm foam mattresses can do the job for as long you get a full 8 hours of sleep and not waking up to an aching back.


How big is your bedroom?

You may enjoy rolling around in a lavish king-sized bed but one must take into consideration the size of the bed room. Make sure that there is plenty of space to move about (while standing) in order to avoid bumping your shin on your bed while rushing to get dressed for work in the morning.

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How tall and heavy are you?
Your physical attributes play a key role in choosing your mattress. If you tower over most everyone you encounter, you must get yourself a mattress long enough to avoid having your feet dangle over the edge of your bed, casuing nights of interrupted sleep. Weight must also be a factor to consider. If you are on the heavy side, make sure that the mattress you choose can comfotably support your heft and not make a visible dent once you lie down on it.

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Do you sleep with a partner?

Sleeping with a partner may either be a sweet dream or a bad nightmare. Some partners move around so much, the most you can do is sleep only when they are not there. Or you may be the one with the restless legs and causing another person’s sleepless misery. Head off to the Mandaue Foam Home Store instead of the divorce/annulment court. Choose a mattress with adequate support and the proper amount of coils to ensure good company, especially when asleep.

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