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90s Obsessions

In the 90s, girls were obsessed with Lisa Frank! It was everywhere! Once you got hold of a folder with a multicolored dolphin on it, you wanted more. The wild colors and over the top designs were

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Best jobs in the world

Work isn’t designed to be fun. Most people hate getting up and going to work every morning! But every once and a while you come across someone who has the most amazing job…something that makes

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How to get into jazz

When jazz fans talk about the music they love, it’s all about feeling and instinct. The first sound of a trumpet or saxophone just suddenly grabs you! That flurry on the snare, the run on the

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Most Inspirational Movie Speeches

If your team’s losing, and you need something big to motivate them. Or if your men are getting ready for battle and you need to get their blood going. Or if you’ve lost your fight and you need

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Top Ten Baby Names We Love!

How do you find the right name for your baby? You want something full of meaning, beautiful and unique as well. Here are our favorite baby names for 2016: MIA (For a girl) This is a Scandinavian,

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