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We update you on the latest design trends for your home, as well as fun articles on other design related topics. We also interview up-and-coming interior designers to get their perspective and advice.

DIY Home Improvements

If you’ve got nothing to do this weekend, why not spice up your living room? Or maybe you can redo the different bedrooms in the house. You can even make it a family effort! Get everyone

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Five Decorating Don’ts

Don’t sweat your mistakes, not everyone has the designing gift. Sometimes you need a little help finding the right style for your space. We’ve learned a lot of great lessons on our design

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So Much Storage!

Homes are getting smaller. People are buying more stuff. It’s an equation that just doesn’t add up! The only solution is more innovative storage, and luckily there are amazing options available.

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Pet Practice

Your home isn’t just for friends and family to enjoy. Your pets need to feel comfortable too! If you make the decision to have a pet, then make sure there’s a place for them in your

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