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How flat shoes affect your walk

Easy to wear, versatile, affordable…what’s not to love about flats? Compared to the torture of high heels, flat shoes are a welcome relief and a comfortable alternative. More importantly, we

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Stiletto self defense

Trouble comes at the most unexpected moments. You’re walking home from work, and you might get pickpocketed. Or, you’re out with friends and someone starts harassing you! You’re in a dress and

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Office exercises

You spend a lot of hours in the office, mostly sitting in your chair typing away on your computer. Why not sneak in some exercise to break the monotony? Exercising, even just a light workout, is

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Homemade Cheese

Cheese doesn’t really seem like something you can make at home, at least not without specialized equipment… but it’s actually really easy to make! And, any homemade cheese will be so much

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