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How to organize your fridge

You’ve got to keep food safety in mind when you organize your fridge. Your various foodstuffs should be kept according to the temperature they need to be cooked to. For example, things that need

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DIY Deodorizers

Natural scents are always the best. Nothing beats a wafting smell of vanilla, or a crisp scent of lemon! Or, another good smell is no smell at all. Your shoe cabinets should be odorless, like

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The lowdown on cleanses

Cleanses. A huge trend this past year and something you might want to try this upcoming 2016! Whether it was a juice cleanse, a detox, or something equally wild, you’ve probably had a friend or

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Cool alternatives to fireworks

Every city in every country around the world sends up amazing fireworks displays as soon as the clock strikes twelve on December 31, and it’s always a magical moment. Fireworks are such a huge

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Holiday hangover remedies

It’s just after Christmas, all the parties are done and how are you feeling? A bit hungover maybe? That’s the worst! A great night is usually followed by an awful morning. But we’ve compiled some

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Why you should get more sleep

Sure, you think that one more hour of TV, or thirty more minutes of browsing your favorite sites won’t make much of a difference. But you’re wrong! Studies show that the gap between getting just

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