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The best stretches for your back

An aching back doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting old. It just means that you need to take care of your body more and do some stretches! If you have an achy back, why not give yoga a

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Trick Yourself into Saving Money

A lot of people find it hard to save money. There’s just so much to buy, so many places to visit and so many new restaurants to eat at! You have to get creative when you want to save some of your

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Get Comfy in the Office

Do you know how much time you spend in your office chair? 40 hours? 50 hours? With all that overtime, no doubt it’s a lot! That’s added strain to the muscles, more stress on tendons and

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How to build a disaster kit

Be prepared. You never know what’s around the corner, and with the unpredictable weather and rapid effects of climate changes, it probably isn’t good. Aside from doing your part to lessen your

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Outdoor Exercise Essentials

Exercising can be a bummer. Why work out when you can binge watch your favorite TV show while stuffing your face with leftover adobo? Tempting, but there are ways to make working out much easier.

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