What NOT to do on Valentine’s - post

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! You’re going to be faced with tons of greeting cards, candy, chocolates and other cute creations that different brands have come up with to make money for the season. Expectations are high! And with so many choices, we’ve got some suggestions on what NOT to do. If you stay away from these mistakes, maybe it’ll be a good Valentine’s Day after all.


…buy flowers. They raise the price up you know. And they’ve become boring, especially roses. If you do want to get her something ‘floral’, make sure it’s unique and try to personalize it! If all the girls are getting the same bouquet, that’s nothing special.

…buy anything heart-shaped. It’s just so cheesy! Soap, chocolates, cakes, shirts, shoes – everything is going to have pink and red hearts on them. Don’t give in to temptation, leave it alone and get something that will last longer than a day.

…send an anonymous Valentine’s card. Just go for it! Don’t go through the whole mystery man thing. If you like someone, just ask them out. If they say yes, that’s awesome! If they say no, you can get over it and move on.

… make solemn vows and promises of any kind. Don’t get swept up by the romanticism of Valentine’s Day. If its something important, think it through carefully and don’t commit to something just because it’s Valentine’s Day. You might feel pressure to do something big, but think it through before you do anything.

…get couples merchandise. You won’t even use it! It’s cute for a minute, then it just stays n the back of your closet.

…don’t be lazy and just get her loads of chocolates. If you’re panicking and you don’t have anything to give her, stay away from chocolates. They’re clichéd, and you’ll just make everyone fat. Instead, give her something heartfelt, like her favorite wine or something you know she needs.