What You Should Do on Valentine’s Day - post

What you do depends on how long you guys have been going out, and how romantic you want to be! We’ve got great date ideas for every type of person, as well as interesting gifts as well. We’ve got you covered!

For the Woman You Just Met Online: A Fancy Reservation at a Nice Restaurant

You just met this girl, so you may not want something too intimate! But, you don’t just want to “go for drinks” because that may lead to absolutely nothing. So go for the middle ground, find a nice new restaurant or somewhere where you know the food is good. You can share a cocktail beforehand to loosen up, and then enjoy a great meal.

Gift idea: Classic candies and chocolates!

For your Wife Who Wants to Stay In: At Her Service

Do anything and everything for her. A foot massage, her favorite movie and meal, her favorite drink! Make sure she’s pampered and taken care of. If she’s been taking care of the kids the whole day, she definitely needs a little TLC. Sometimes it’s nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Gift idea: Comfy slippers and more chocolates!

For the Foodie: An All Out Food Trip

Do your research — find great new places that your date hasn’t tried yet! Go to different locations, for cocktails, dinner and dessert. There are tons of sites dedicated to the newest and best places that will truly satisfy even the most ravenous foodie. From cheap backyard eats to fancy restaurants, find the ones that suit you.

Gift idea: After all that food…a gym membership

For the Athlete: A Fun Run

Start the morning of Valentine’s Day with a nice run. It should be romantic to go jogging along empty streets, with the cool morning breeze. Then you can have a nice breakfast somewhere, and stay in to avoid all the evening traffic and crowds.

Gift idea: Sign up for more fun runs together!

For Someone Who Loves Their Pet more than You: Doggie or Cat Café

Does she cuddle the dog more than she cuddles you? Does he pamper his cat too much? Well, as a treat why not indulge them and go to a dog or cat café! You really won’t have trouble getting a reservation, and you’ll spend some time with cute little animals. Spread the love to furry friends on Valentine’s Day.

Gift idea: Donate to CARA or PAWS