What’s Aging You 2 - post

We’ve got some more tips on how to stop looking older than your years. This is part two of our What’s Aging You list!

It’s Aging You: The Same Old Bag

An all day bag, good for all occasions, morning to evening. It may be useful, but you should really change it up. You’re probably set in your ways, and your bag is now an extension of you…but take that leap and get an awesome purse.

You don’t have to blow your budget on an enormous bag collection! Just make sure it fits the occasion! Get one bag for the office, and a couple of options for the weekend. And for parties, of course have a nice metallic clutch that coordinates with everything.

It’s Aging You: Wide-Leg Cropped Pants

Those flares hit you at the worst possible spot between the knee and the ankle. It really shortens your leg and adds bulk! You end up with little tree trunks.

Instead, try to channel Audrey Hepburn with slim-cut capris that are as sleek as possible. Straight legs help lengthen the silhouette. Five inches above the ankle is a flattering length for most women.

It’s Aging You: Certain Pastels

You may be thinking that pastels are on trend…but be careful what color you’re wearing. It’s a very thin line between sweet girlish shades and grandma.

When you wear pastels, try to wear them in a cooler way. You can pair them with nice neutrals—like grey or white. This looks fresh and makes the pastels pop. And streamline your look as well, find ensembles with clean lines.

It’s Aging You: Matchy-Matchy Accessories

Okay, so you may have gotten the necklace, bracelet, and earrings set, and it’s gorgeous! But should they all be worn at the same time? Definitely not. Wearing a whole set of matching accessories out is very old fashioned…and not in a good way.

So, just try to mix and match! Find some contrasting yet complementary baubles. You want to be a little ‘off’ and have one item be the focal point. Base your other accessories on your main piece, and remember it’s perfectly fine to mix silver and gold, particularly if the pieces are worn in stacked necklaces or bangles.

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