Everything you need to know about Souping - diet

First comes juice cleansing, now this. Get to know the details of this new diet craze!

Juicing, calorie-count meals ̶ we’re sure you’ve heard them all. These diet trends try to help you lose unwanted fat or maintain an ideal weight. Beats going to the gym any day! Well, get ready because a new kid is in town and it looks like it’s here to stay. Even Hollywood celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are all over it. World, meet souping.

Like juicing but sexier
If you’re into or even friends with people who are always into trying new diet trends, chances are you’ve heard of souping. Everyone is raving about it! Souping is basically an all-soup diet that’s considered healthier than juicing, and for good reasons, too.

Soups can range from clear broths to thick chowders with pasta or meat so there’s always variety. No wonder for many people, preparing and consuming soup, in replacement for meals, can be a delicious way to stay fit and healthy.

Souping is good for you!
For starters, unlike juicing wherein you remove the pulp, souping lets you consume the whole fruit and vegetable. That means more of the good stuff ̶ carbs, fiber, and protein. And we all know how important fiber is! Fiber is immensely vital because it supports detofixication and plays a key role in moving toxins out of the body. Likewise, it strengthens the immune system promoting good health all the way. And who wouldn’t want to be healthy, right? And thanks to its bulk-adding advantage, you will full and satisfied for longer, that means kissing binge eating goodbye!

Another benefit is that souping is considered more inexpensive. When you buy fruits or vegetables for your soup, you can be sure that you are using and consuming the whole of it, pulp and all. That means nothing goes to waste! Not forgetting the fact that soups tend to last for weeks and even months when stored properly.

And since soups are generally vegetable-based, you’ll be sure that you’re eating healthy. You get your recommended dose of veggies and more, which means more vitamins and antioxidants to improve your well being.

Whether you’re looking for a new diet to try or just curious about this new diet craze, or even interested in incorporating this in your current diet, souping is definitely worth the hype. Delicious, filling, and healthy, you are sure to get all the benefits and more. So what are you waiting for? Soup for lunch, anyone?