Keep your eyes open, and hope you don’t run into any of these horrible creatures!


Tiyanak or impakto. If you see a helpless baby crying, would you go help it? Better be careful if you do. Tiyanaks disguise themselves as infants, and bait their victims by imitating a child’s pitiful cry. Once you’re near enough, the claws and fangs come out…and you’ve just become dinner.

There are different notions of where Tiyanaks come from, some say that they are the offspring of a woman and a demon, others say that they are babies who died before getting their baptism rites, or they are aborted fetuses who come back to take revenge on the mother.


A vengeful demon from Ilocano folklore, the Batibat or Bangungot is a huge, old, fat woman who lives inside trees. When the tree they live in is chopped up and used for a house, they get a bit angry (understandably). The Batibat moves into the home and kill the human occupants, usually by sitting on their chest and suffocating them!

These demons were once blamed as the cause of the fatal nocturnal disease called bangungot.


One of the most famous monsters in the Philippines the Manananggal is a hideous vampire-like creature which can sever its upper torso. It’s upper half has huge bat-like wings and flies into the night to prey on unsuspecting, pregnant women in their homes. Using its long and winding tongue, it sucks out fetuses from pregnant women or slurps up the blood of an unsuspecting, sleeping victim. While the upper half feeds, the severed lower torso is left standing vulnerable. Sprinkling salt, crushed garlic or ash on top of the standing torso is fatal to the creature. The upper torso then would not be able to rejoin and will die at daybreak.


Depending on who you talk to a Sigbin can resemble either a hornless goat, a reptilian crow, or something which looks like a Chupacabra (a similar demon from Latin America). Most accounts seem to agree that its large head hangs between two short forelegs, with longer hind legs giving it a disjointed appearance. It walks backwards, with an unnatural gait. The Sigbin wander around at night to find lost young children to eat, and keep their hearts to make into amulets.

According to legend, there are families known as Sigbinan who can command these creatures, and are said to keep them in jars made of clay.


Bal-Bal is a horrendous monster that steals and feeds on corpses from funerals and graves. It has a strong sense to help it find dead bodies. It has claws and teeth sharp enough to into flesh and tear it up, and since it eats nothing but corpses, it has disgustingly foul breath. Once this monster has finished feeding on the corpse, it will leave the trunk of a banana tree in the coffin to create the illusion of a body to trick people. Modern stories say that the Bal-Bal walks around looking like a normal man, and you can only see his real form when he is in the light of the full moon. Other stories say that if you utter his name “Bal-Bal” he will seek you out and devour your flesh.


The Kapre is giant prankster…literally. It’s a huge creature that often live in giant trees. It smokes cigars and loves scaring little kids and playing games on them. It confuses people, sometimes even taking parts of their memories so they can’t find their way home. Because of his cigar, you can a Kapre before seeing them. And sometimes, you can get a glimpse of their red-coal eyes staring down at you.